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Product Description:
Our Malla 14 specialty coffee, comprises various producers from Colombia's highly regarded Huila region and is bursting with floral notes, sugarcane and sweet apple. We love this Colombian coffee so much that we released it as an espresso coffee.

The Story:
Meet the peaberry! When the beans from Huila are collected and promptly milled, there are often some that are smaller in terms of bean size and grading. Here at 39 Steps Coffee, we believe that the power of coffee comes from the bean and not the size. So, upon finding slightly miniature beans, we opt for them to be blended together to create our Malla 14, which includes the much sought-after peaberry.

Although it is a regional blend, more often than not, based on harvest schedules throughout Colombia, these lots are primarily composed of coffees from concentrated areas with a high level of traceability - which we love! The resulting Malla 14 blend is a delightful high scoring Colombian coffee with interesting and complex flavours. The next time you try this blend, look for the rich, sweet notes which may taste slightly floral.

The Beans:
Producer: Various
Variety: Castillo, Caturra, Colombia
Process Method: Washed

The Farm:
Country: Colombia
Region: Huila
Altitude: 1450-1600 MASL
Harvest: May-September

Recipe/Brew Guide:
Filter Pour-Over
Dose: 15g
Time: 3:00 Minutes
Yield: 250ml

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Adipiscing Convallis Bulum

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  • SKU: coffee_filter_malla14_wholebean_250g
  • Brand: Colombia
  • Categories: Coffee

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