• Sweet Coffee Recipes for Valentines

    In this video, we share three sweet coffee recipes for valentines! We hope that this provides some inspiration for the big day.

  • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Vs. Extraction Yield

    In this insta live as we dive into the slightly more technical topic of TDS vs. extraction yield.  Fortunately our Head Roaster and Trainer, Julián is on hand to talk us through TDS, extraction yield and what it wall means.

  • Brew V60 Like a Barista

    In this Insta Live our newest team member, and barista hero Alejandro, guides us through two V60 pours and shares some pro barista tips with us!


  • New Compostable Coffee Pods, Bursting with Flavour

    Introducing our new compostable pods, bursting with flavour! We are excited to finally being able to announce something that we've been working on for the past several months. If coffee pods are your preference at home, you can now enjoy 39 Steps Coffee with our new compostable pods!

  • Q&A with Sheba coffee

    Since the discovery of the coffee drink within Yemen, Coffee has engraved itself within the Yemeni culture in many ways. It is part of our history, and we are part of its history. It has a place within our music and art, our souls and livelihoods as we grow this ancient crop. We ancestors pass stories of it, and we try to revive, maintain and expand it. Because of Yemen, Coffee is an integral part of the middle eastern and Turkish culture. It is served within these regions in many forms as an integral part of their culture.

    Mountains in Yemen

  • 5 things you should know before buying an espresso machine

    At some point in every home barista's coffee journey, they will dream of being able to make espresso at home and recreate that coffee shop magic. We often get asked about making espresso at home, so here are five things Ron, our Head of Marketing and Production Roaster, has learnt since investing in his own home espresso setup.
  • Coffee Roast Levels Explained - light, medium and dark roasts

    As an exercise at a recent cupping, we setup different roasts levels on the table. We knew that the roasts would taste different as the total roast time differed from each other, and the resulting roasts were visually lighter and darker in colour.
  • A Job in Coffee - Where to Start

    Where to start This is not about me, but by retelling my own experience with coffee training I hope to show how it made it possible to jumpstart a ...
  • Coffee Roast-along: We Roasted Coffee, Live on Instagram

    As part of LCF Fringe 2021, we participated virtually and hosted a live roast-along from our London roastery. Our Head Roaster, Julián Loayza, did ...